Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

General Baseband Board Unit

Device Characteristics

    ●The smallest macro base station baseband processing module in the industry;

    ●Utilizing NXP macro base station processing chip with 1.6GHz 8-core dual-threaded CPU and 1.2GHz 6-core dedicated DSP;

     ●Extremely high reliability for both hardware and software system by using the memory system with ECC verifying and error correction;

     ●GPS synchronization system and antenna power supply system inserted, using industry-leading synchronization and retention algorithms;

     ●Dual fan controlling interface inserted, automatically controlling the fan speed according to the temperature;

     ●Industrial-grade 4GB storage memory inserted, securing no data lost during long-term operation;

     ●Dual gigabit Ethernet interface and 8×10G high speed CPRI data interface;

     ●Single USB 2.0 data interface which can be connected to Boelink full-standard data backhaul module;

     ●Embedded Linux OS system with a less than 17 seconds’ wake-up time;   

    ●Original carrier splitting technology, enables processing 18 different carrier frequencies simultaneously;

    ●One single module can simultaneously support (operate) both LTE FDD and LTE TDD protocol stacks;

     ●By using imported components, advanced PCB and patching technology, the module has high consistency, extremely long MTBF and superior stability.

Technical Parameters      

140*170*19 mm
High-speed Digital Interface x8, Ethernet x1, GPS x1
Working Voltage
12 V
Working Current
< 3 A
Working Mode
TDD x8 + FDD x8
Carrier Bandwidth
5/10/20 MHz
Processing Capacity
TDD >400 terminal concurrency; FDD >400 terminal concurrency
Supporting Frequency Bands
Band 1 + Band 3 + Band 38/41 +Band 39 + Band 40
GPS Alarm
Antenna short circuit alarm, antenna open circuit alarm and synchronization loss alarm
300k hours

Device Pictures