Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

20W PA Module

Device Characteristics

Power amplifier module with a 20W output power;

A uniform simple-structured shape design was adopted by the power amplifier modules of different frequency bands/standards so as to make it easy to install;

The mass-produced power amplifier modules so far are FDD B1, FDD B3, FDD B5, TDD B38(41), TDD B39 and TDD B40;

Full plate gold immersion and copper inlay process;

All elements are imported and with extremely long MTBF;

Conversion efficiency >40%;

Utilizing fully automatic calibration process to ensure consistency of the power amplifier module.

Technical Parameters       


75*170*25 mm


RF interface SMA x3, 10-pin controlling line interface

Frequency Range

Band 1:1920MHz ~ 1980MHz (uplink), 
2110MHz ~ 2170MHz (downlink) 
Band 3: 1710MHz ~ 1785MHz (uplink), 
1805MHz ~ 1880MHz (downlink)   
Band 38/41: 2496MHz ~ 2690MHz   
Band 39: 1880MHz ~ 1920MHz 
Band 40: 2300MHz ~ 2400MHz

Power Voltage


Working Current

< 3A

Output Power

43dBm ± 1dBm

Uplink Gain

13dB (Band 39, Band 38/41, Band 40); 0 (Band 1,3) 

Downlink Gain

55dB (Normal temperature)

In-band   Fluctuation

< 3dB
Power Output Switch
Software switch
Overpower Alarm
Power detection; Alarm power 44dBm
Overheat Alarm
Temperature detection; Accuracy 1 degree; Alarm temperature 105 degrees
Reverse Power Detection
Detection range 29dBm ~ 44dBm
VSWR Detection
Detection range > 2

Device Pictures