Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

6-Band (6*1W) RF Unit

Device Characteristics

ADI's latest AD936X and AD937X series with zero-IF architecture;

Supporting 6 LTE bands simultaneously, supporting LTE FDD B1, B3, TDD B38(41), B39, B40

●At most 3 frequency carriers simultaneously supported in each Band and the whole board can support up to 15 frequency carriers working at the same time;

Maximum output power per Band is 30dBm;

●Extremely long MTBF thanks to the full plate gold immersion and copper inlay process on the PCBs and having all the components imported;

Hybrid RF PCB, balancing both cost and performance.

Technical Parameters    


100*180 mm


RF interface SMA/MCX x8,10-pin controlling line interface x3

Output Power


Uplink Gain

0 ~ 40dB

Frequency Range

LTE FDD B1,   B3, TDD B38(41), B39, B40

Power Voltage


Working Current

< 1A

Device Pictures