Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

FPGA Engineers

Job Description


1.     Accomplish DSP module designing such as high-speed digital interface, intermediate frequency filtering, baseband modulation and demodulation using FPGA;

2.     Accomplish the digital interface with the RF chip and the baseband DSP using FPGA;

3.     Accomplish work such as outline designing, coding, simulation verification and platform testing of FPGA;

4.     Technical support for on-site issues.


Job Requirements


1.     Bachelor degree or above, China’s national key institutions graduates (electronic majors) preferred.

2.     Familiar with the knowledge of wireless communication, applicants have work experience in LTE preferred.

3.     Familiar with Verilog or VHDL language, applicants familiar with Xilinx chip and its development environment preferred.

4.     Have the ability to design and debug digital circuits and use common instruments such as signal sources, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes skillfully.

5.     Have good professional ethics and working attitude, obey to management, be practical and diligent, be willing to delve into technical problems, have good understanding, communication skills and teamwork spirit.



If you are interested, please send your resume to: and indicate the post you are willing to join. 

We are looking forward to your joining!