Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

Communication Engineer

Job Description

1.     Communication Software Engineer

2.     Familiar with LTE protocol, have a deep understanding of MAC/RLC/PDCP or RRC/NAS/IP;
3.     Responsible for software system design / software simulation / performance optimization / verification testing;
4.     Technical support, problem analysis, positioning and resolution for on-site issues;
5.     System framework design and the planning and management of version evolution.

Job Requirements

1.     Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, computer science or related majors.
2.     Prefer applicants familiar with DSP or have Linux/Unix/VxWorks/C/C++ programming experience.
3.     Prefer applicants familiar with wireless communication systems such as UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE;
4.     Be responsible, have good communication skills, strong self-motivation and problem-solving skills, good team spirit, good time management, suitable for multi-tasking and good at learning.


If you are interested, please send your resume to: and indicate the post you are willing to join. 

We are looking forward to your joining!