Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

RF Engineer

Job Description

1.     Have the background knowledge of electromagnetic field microwave communication, familiar with the specific design of communication link;
2.     Have certain experience in mass production of RF products;
3.     Familiar with various RF simulation software, ADS, HFSS, etc.;
4.     Familiar with various hardware mapping software, Mentor, Cadence, etc.;
5.     Familiar with the principle and operation of various RF instruments, able to read and understand the English information of the device;
6.     Have strong hands-on ability and debugging experience.

Job Requirements

1.     Have strong communication skills.
2.     Be responsible, self-motivated and able to complete the work independently;
3.     Have team spirit and desire to pursue team success;
4.     Can adapt to changing environments and find solutions. Have the motivation to keep learning.


If you are interested, please send your resume to: and indicate the post you are willing to join. 

We are looking forward to your joining!