Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology

Hardware Engineer

Job Description

1.     Structural opening: execute aluminum plate opening, screw hole positioning, tapping and board installation according to the design engineer's intention, work with the design engineer to study and optimize the rationality of the structural design;
2.     Wiring design assistance: understand the requirements of electrical and RF signals, design the wiring position of the internal signal line, power line and RF line of the chassis together with the structural engineer and do the installing, write the design as a document as well;
3.     Product assembly: fix the board to the chassis and interconnect with wire harness according to the document;
4.     Product functional and performance testing: operate the device and test the functionality of the device according to the documentation;
5.     Factory docking and coaching: Document the laboratory assembly process to guide the factory to complete the corresponding assembly work;
6.     Product Repair: Locate the equipment problem according to the document and complete the repair of the equipment by replacing the parts.

Job Requirements

1.     Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above with more than 1 year of experience;
2.     Skill requirements:
1) Have the basic skills of welder, require skilled operation of welding stations, hot air blowers and other equipment;
2) Have the basic skills of fitter, require skilled operation of drilling equipment and other equipment to complete positioning, drilling, tapping and other work;
3) Have computer operation ability, require skilled use of Microsoft Office suite, familiar with Windows, DOS, Linux operating system;
4) Have experience in design and installation of both weak and strong electricity;
3.     Individual ability:
1) Have strong communication skills.
2) Be responsible, self-motivated and able to complete the work independently;
3) Have team spirit and desire to pursue team success;
4) Can adapt to changing environments and find solutions;
5) Have the motivation and willing to keep learning.


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