Shanghai Boelink Communication Technology


Job Description 

1.     Responsible for the development, expansion and maintenance of customer channels for the company's designated products;
2.     Track project progress, be responsible for communication with customers and coordination management;
3.     Establish and maintain good customer relationships with new and existing customers;
4.     Understand the company's marketing strategy, implement the company's marketing plan;
5.     Collect and filter market information, participate in business negotiations and develop project plans.

Job Requirements

1.     Science and engineering background, applicants with wireless communication related professionals are preferred.
2.     Applicants with experience in sales of wireless communication products or network security products are preferred.
3.     Have good team sense, be able to adapt to various environments, have strong learning ability, be flexible and calm when facing difficulties, have strong market analysis and strain ability;
4.     Be honest and trustworthy, have good professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility; have the qualities of hard work, diligence, initiative, tenacity and the ability to think and solve problems independently.


If you are interested, please send your resume to: and indicate the post you are willing to join. 

We are looking forward to your joining!